December 12, 2017

About Us

The challenge of reducing costs with agricultural inputs and increasing crop yields is our engine! We do this through precision farming within small, medium and large farmer farming. The solution lies in our model of services and technologies of aerial monitoring, intelligence and control of agricultural crops. We empower the producer to act over the crop management course optimizing throughout the crop aerial sensing and multispectral imagery for situational intelligence, which allows apply fertilizers and pesticides in the right place, right quantity and at the right time!


Innovation + Reliability and safety + Quality + Team spirit + Integrity + Stakeholder success


The name Bauer is not the surname of any of its founders. The name and brand Bauer Aerosystems refers to the meaning of the German word “farmer” and the term “sustainability” which are represented in the green and black colors of the logo, in consideration of the regional culture of Joinville and those who work producing food from the earth for the people. In the globe of the logo, Brazil can be found highlighted in the southern hemisphere as a green quadrant.


Bauer Aerosystems is a spin-off startup founded on the idealization of its founders, a step towards the challenge of undertaking in the midst of the political-economic crisis that Brazil has been facing since 2014.

We believe that Brazil has the potential to increase its agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner and to feed the world.

For this, technology in the field is a decisive factor in obtaining such results.
Developing monitoring, intelligence and agricultural crop control solutions are some of the key challenges the Bauer Aerosystems team has taken on. Data provided by satellites, drones and dedicated sensors linked to the field are making everything from family farming to large agribusiness producers to data-driven agriculture, agility analysis, and the ability to quickly make decisions and implement precision in handling different crops. The results evidently are the reduction of costs, reduction of agricultural inputs, reduction of operational activities with the unprecedented increase of crop results, reducing emissions of pollutants, aggression to the environment and people.

The solid team of experience and training, as well as the commercial, research and innovation partners, are the ones who make possible the sustainable development of Bauer Aerosystems solutions for Brazil and the world.

Bauer Aerosystems is headquartered at Softville in Joinville, SC:

Softville - Rua Otto Boehm, 48 - America - Joinville - 89201-700

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Softville - Rua Otto Boehm, 48 - America - Joinville - 89201-700 -26.301206, -48.848326